Canadian Coins

As one of the longest established dealers in Canada, Arcade Coin & Stamp Galleries is pleased to offer an extensive catalogue of Canadian collector coins for all levels of collector.

Arcade has proudly bought and sold some of the rarest and most desired collections for over 60 years. We are strong buyers of all Canadian collectible coins and new inventory is added weekly.

USA Coins

Arcade Coin & Stamp Galleries actively buy and sell coins from the United States. We offer some of the most competitive pricing on US Gold coins, as well as silver dollars.

World Coins

We actively buy and sell coins from all around the world and boast a diverse inventory of coins from Europe, Asia, Central and South America, Africa, Australia and beyond.

Ancient and Medieval Coins

Ancient coins have always been a cornerstone of our business – from the first coins struck in Greece over 2,500 years ago, through the Roman era and the fall of the Byzantine Empire, ancient coins present a fascinating and tangible link to past civilizations.